Types of Nouns Activities

Last week, I worked with a young teacher who was having a difficult time helping her second-grade students understand nouns. The problem was the students couldn’t categorize nouns by type. Most of the students had some understand that a noun is a person, place or thing. But few of them could distinguish between common, proper and possessive nouns. To help solve this problem, the teacher uses FlinkMake to create an interactive game on the computer. It takes only minutes to enter the more than enough content for a limitless number of games.

The game is like a concentration matching puzzle game. The students flip over two “cards.” They can make a match if they have a noun and it’s correct type. They can even make the game more or less challenging by selecting a smaller or larger number of “cards.” They get many more problems in a single game than in a worksheet and the nature of the game makes the problems much less onerous, even though there are more of them. And they can play many games because the “cards” are mixed up differently each time!

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